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Rules and Regulations


**Additional Rules have been applied ! **PLEASE READ ALL OF THE FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS explaining the registration
and confirmation process.

Please note: We are no longer mailing vendor applications. All applications/registrations are now available ON-LINE ONLY.

Exhibit spaces are open to vendors of fire matic supplies, services and equipment. Existing vendors are invited back, before new vendors are invited to attend. Filing an on-line registration is not a guarantee of being accepted as a vendor.

The FMBVFA exhibit committee will choose new vendors based on both space availability and determination of fire matic vendor qualification.

T-SHIRT VENDORS AND/OR NOT FOR PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS T-SHIRT SALES ARE NOT BEING ACCEPTED OR ALLOWED AT THIS TIME IN ANY AREA OF THE EXPO. Any Vendor allowing a non profit in their exhibit space to sell t-shirts, will be asked to leave the convention immediately and without refund.

Upon receiving your completed application and payment in full, you will receive an on-line confirmation, shortly thereafter. Pay pal receives immediate confirmation, check payments will take a few weeks. Assignments of booths begin in sometime in August.

No space assignments are made until payment in full is received by August 1, 2024

Payment made be made via the pay pal account; you will find on the registration page, or you may mail a check to FMBVFA
@ PO Box 935 Wildwood , N.J. 08260.


Please be sure to add the fire expo email to your accepted email list. We cannot be responsible for emails that end up in your junk box. When exact vendor spaces are allocated by the convention exhibit committee, you will receive notification of your space location; these spaces are assigned a few weeks before convention. SPACES cannot be confirmed until they are PAID in full. Due to the number of vendors, the committee must wait until enough registrations have been received, before spaces can be allocated. Space locations may not start to be available until Mid July, but in most cases, repeat vendors will have the same spaces as the previous year.

If you need help with the registration, or have any questions regarding the vendor exhibits, you may e-mail your questions to, Please give us a few days to respond. Remember this is a volunteer organization and TWO people handle hundreds of vendors and it may require a few days to get back to you with your answer.

You will find the dates for the convention on the homepage of our website. Further information as to rules, set-up times, and dates for vendors will be found on the registration form. Please register as early as possible, so we may determine vendor spaces early enough to allow for your advertising needs.

Vendor spaces are not guaranteed until registration and payment have been received. Again, payments received after August 1st, 2024 will incur a $50 late fee per space requests. SPACES are not guaranteed for repeat vendors after AUGUST 1, 2024. Vendor passes and site maps will be made available for printing on-line in time for the convention. 


PLEASE EMAIL : with any questions


We look forward to working with you in a timely and professional manner.


1. Spaces are assigned according to the Committee and according to exhibitor needs. This Committee reserves the right to position or move any booth or apparatus as we see fit to benefit you, as an exhibitor, and the show. 

2. All exhibitor fees shall be forfeited to the Five Mile Beach Exhibitor Committee if the exhibitor fails to appear at the scheduled set up time or fails to perform within the agreement of the contract.

3. The amount paid on this contract is refundable only if cancellation is received by certified mail by July 15th or if the space is unavailable at the exhibit area. A 25% cancellation fee will be deducted from paid in full cancelled contracts by July 15th cancellation date. Cancellations made August 1st up till week before show will forfeit 50% of the vendor fee. Cancellation week of show / event and no shows will forfeit 100% of Vendor fee. 

4. The only vehicles that will be permitted to be parked in the truck display areas are for display purposes only. All vehicles for display must be within the exhibit area by close of set up date on Thursday before the Expo, and will not be permitted to leave the exhibit area once they are in place, until the close of the show on Saturday at 3 P.M. If any apparatus is removed, it will not be permitted back in the display area and the exhibitor relinquishes invitation to future shows. Trucks will not be permitted to be operated in display areas or run generators for power. Parking for Personal Vehicles is not permitted anywhere on/in the EXPO lots or Restricted parking marked areas. FMBVFA is not responsible for illegally parked vendor vehicles that receive city issued violations. 

5. Exhibitors are permitted to display and sell contract merchandise only. 

6. No exhibitor may display any merchandise outside his booth area. The Committee reserves the right to remove or close down any exhibit interfering with orderly operation of the exhibits, exhibitors and guests. 

7. No exhibitor may park personal vehicles within the designated exhibit areas or NO Parking labeled spaces around the exhibit areas. FMBVFA is not responsible for illegally or improperly parked vendor vehicles that receive city issued violations.

8. Loading and unloading into and out of the exhibit areas will not be permitted until the exhibit areas are free of spectators and closed. You should see a uniformed committee member BEFORE you pull up with your personal vehicle into the tent area to load for departure. Large equipment and fork lift equipment in the tent areas are moved before personal vehicles are allowed to enter the tent area. All personal vehicles MUST enter the tent gate on BURK AVE. Please note: The show ends on Saturday at 1:00 p.m. NO BREAK DOWN is permitted prior to this time and no vehicles may enter prior to this time.

Breakdown and removal of display and merchandise must be done by 5pm Saturday. No Vehicles, trailers, displays or equipment may be left in or on exhibit area or apparatus lots with out prior knowledge or arrangements with committee

9. Subletting or sharing spaces is strictly prohibited without express written permission of the Five Mile Beach Exhibitor Committee. Special arrangements may be made with the Committee if done two weeks in advance. Companies not a registered exhibitor will not be permitted to solicit business or sell merchandise within the exhibit areas. 

10. Exhibitors and their agents shall not injure or deface any part of the exhibit booth materials or equipment of other exhibitors. Exhibitors and their agents shall be held liable for such damage. 

11. No overloading of any electrical outlets shall be permitted. The Committee reserves the right to require the disconnection of any appliance which, in the opinion of the Committee, is causing a serious overload and disrupting power to vendors.

12. The selling of copyright merchandise, without proper authorization, is strictly prohibited. Proof of permission must be available to the Committee members. The Five Mile Beach Exhibitor Committee, each individual member and/or the Five Mile Beach Volunteer Firemen's Association will not be held liable for any exhibitor copyright infringement. 

13. Each exhibitor shall be responsible for maintaining his/her booth in a neat and presentable condition. Trash should be disposed in the designated containers supplied. Boxes should be brought to the front of the tent area on Burk Ave. 

14. Exhibitors shall be prohibited from bringing any child under the age of 12 into the exhibits. Each exhibitor shall be responsible for the conduct of all persons in its contingent. The presence at the show of any child under the age of 16 is expressly discouraged. 

15. There will be NO HAWKING. Exhibitors which include music, radio, video projection or any other type of noise making device must not interfere with or disturb neighboring exhibitors. 

16. The Five Mile Beach Exhibitor Committee reserves the right to refuse space which would in any way reduce the dignity of the show. The Committee further reserves the right to stop or remove from the show any exhibitor, or his representatives, performing any act or practice which in the opinion of the committee, is objectionable or diminishes the dignity of the exhibits. The Decisions of the Committee must be accepted as the final in any disagreements between exhibitors, etc. 

17. Exhibitors agree to conduct their activities upon the premises so as not to endanger any person lawfully thereon and to indemnify and save harmless the Five Mile Beach Exhibitor Committee against any and all claims for loss, injury, and damage to persons or property including claims of employees or exhibitors or any contractor or subcontractor arising out of the activities conducted by the exhibitor, its agents, members or guests. Exhibitor will not do or permit to be done anything in or upon any portion of the premises or bring to keep anything therein or thereon which will in any way conflict with the conditions of any insurance policy for the area or any part thereof, or any way increase any rate of insurance upon the building, area or upon the property kept there. Nor will the exhibitor, without written consent of the Five Mile Beach Exhibitor Committee, put up or engage in any exhibit which may be harmful to property or person.

18. All vendors, whether inside or outside, shall be responsible for any arrangements or equipment necessary to off-load heavy or bulky equipment. These arrangements must be made in advance by you and will not be the responsibility of the Five Mile Beach Exhibitor Committee. Fork Lifts are available for off load and on load as an add-on to your registration request. 

19. All injury to the exhibit area caused by moving the property of the exhibitor and all breakage or other injury done by the exhibitor, or its agents, clerks, visitors of exhibitor, as well as any damage caused by overflow or escape of water, steam, gas, electricity or other substance due to negligence of the exhibitor or the agents, clerks, or visitors of the exhibitor shall be repaired by Five Mile Beach Exhibitor Committee at the expense of the Exhibitor. The cost shall be determined on statements rendered by the Committee to the exhibitor and the sum so determined shall be payable to the Committee upon delivery of such statement.

20. LIABILITY WAIVER: The Five Mile Beach Exhibitor Committee and/or Five Mile Beach Firemen's Association shall not be responsible for injury, loss or damage that may occur to the exhibitor, his employees or property. 

21. SECURITY: Reasonable security will be provided during the hours the exhibit areas are closed, The Five Mile Beach Exhibitor Committee will take proper and reasonable care, within its control, to ensure that the exhibits are not damaged or destroyed or lost. There will be no vehicles permitted to move in or out of the exhibit areas after security is established. Vendors should make every attempt to secure personal items, especially in outside exhibit areas. Security will be strictly enforced after expo closing hours! 


*22. NO ALCOHOLIC Beverages may be brought into or out of the gated tent exhibit area of Fox Park. No Vendors shall be permitted to sell or giveaway food or beverages, unless expressed in writing by the committee, from their vendor booth. 


*23. Vendors must stay within their designated booth area. Vendor exhibits exceeding their booth measurements will be asked to dismantle their displays or move them accordingly. Booth sizes are specifically listed on the registration pages and vendors should allow several inches on all sides for ease of movement. If a larger space is needed to satisfy your display, please email the committee directly. 

*24. Vendor displays shall not exceed 6’ Foot in height in any of the CENTER TENT SPACE AREAS so as not to block any surrounding vendors’ display. 


*25. T-shirt and clothing vendors shall keep all ‘extra’ boxes of merchandise under the table or within their display spaces only. Boxes should be neat and not thrown throughout the tented areas. Security is not responsible for merchandise/product on the ground that is damaged by Rain or Dirt. Vendors should tarp their displays at the close of the expo on Friday, to protect merchandise from rain, wind or debris.


26.The official New Jersey State Firemen's Association seal shall NOT be used on any items.


27. All vendors shall provide the EXHIBIT COMMITTEE with contact info of an emergency contact that will be at the expo and the info required is NAME OF ONSIGHT PERSON...CELL PHONE # AND MOTEL THEY ARE STAYING AT in case an emergency arises. 

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